3:00 am. Estas viendo la tele, con ganas de ir al baño. Salís del cuarto sigilosamente, en putas de pie, vigilando para todos lados a ver si no salta voldemort, la llorona, chucky, o el exorcista, te chocas una zapatilla o algo que dejaste tirado, llegas al baño prendes la luz cerras la puerta en menos de un segundo, luego miras en la bañera y el espejo a ver si no hay nadie, después te calmas un poco y haces tus necesidades, abrís la puerta, apagas la luz, cerras la puerta del baño. Luego vas corriendo a la velocidad de la luz, pegas un salto a la cama, te tapas hasta la frente, pensas en cosas lindas, y te dormís, o te haces el dormido para que no venga ningún fantasma o asesino psicópata y te mate. :|






Ctm!Xdddddd Pensaba Que Era La Única Hueona Que Hacia EsoXdddddd

Tan… yo :’)

En putas de pie kajdjsjfajjdjq :’)



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So we recently hit 5k followers and we decided to do a url giveaway to thank you guys! We really really love these urls, so all we ask of you to do is, if you get one, please use it. 
Here’s how to enter:
Reblog this post and tag it with the url you want. We will use the tagviewer extention of xkit to categorise who wants each url, and then we will randomly select one person from each list, using this.
The reason we’re doing it this way, and not simply giving the url to the person who messages first, is because not everyone is online at the same time, so they might miss the chance to participate.
You can reblog this until Sunday, April 27th. The winners will be selected on Monday (April 28).
Here are the urls:
Good luck and reblog away!
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_mimimi en We Heart It.
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Kathleen Hanna
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i hope a straight boy sees this and gets pissed off

how fucking tiresome. It’s not your pits that are gross, it’s your “edgy” attitude about them. And also your face, your gross disgusting face. Please do the internet a favour and don’t post any more selfies or write any more text posts. In act, just smash your router, go for a walk outside, tell your parents you love them, play with a dog, drink a glass of water. Do anything but be on the internet and contribute to the cultural sewage that is tumblr.


This girl is gorgeous.
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